Ryan F. Osborne, MD FACS, trains as a head and neck surgeon in south-central Los Angeles, managing the most complex cancer and trauma patients in the country. His experience has helped him develop flexible and innovative thinking. He started Osborne Head and Neck Institute to give creative surgeons a space to excel. They have been creating new standards for medicines.

David Mosbach, Retired Senior Systems Engineer. He lives with his wife and the dog in sailing community of Saint Petersburg Florida. He was an ocean sailor as a navy first as a crewman later as a captain. He has hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). Loss of blood was very heavy. It was in the backside of the nose. He was visiting once a month to get his nose treated, He uses to lose as much blood as a gunshot victim.

Being kids playing outside in heat during summer, one of your friends get nosebleeds. Most of the times kids do not even know his nose was bleeding. It took a friend pointing or his shirt getting bloody to bring it to attention. We did not stop playing to go to the doctor or ER, we just stuffed some tissue paper in our nose and we throw our head back. We were a bunch of kids what do we know? that’s the typical nosebleed story we have

David lives with his wife and the dog in sailing community of Saint Petersburg Florida. He has a hereditary disease that causes him to have recurrent nosebleeds. This condition causes abnormal growth in blood vessels throughout the body and different organs. This is not normal they are explosive ones the kind that requires blood transfusions, it can cause even death. He requires multiple transfusions of blood and iron that his physicians had given up on trying to help him. David had 27 full-on anesthesia surgeries. he had a 5-millimeter septal perforation.

Septal perforation is a hole that develops in the septum of the nose.

Dr. Hamilton met David in a consultation for septal perforation. According to Dr. Hamilton repairing the perforation could decrease the number of nosebleeds for David. Septal perforation surgery is difficult as it requires to work in a very small area and there are not a lot of resources available to perform the procedure so Surgeons in Osborne Head & Neck have come up with instrumentation that facilitates the surgery effectively.

The surgery was completed successfully. Being a challenging surgery, there were no complications.


David has been feeling great relief in the center of his nose and his nosebleeds have completely stopped. This surgery has changed David’s life. He is sleeping better and does not have inconveniences of nosebleeds. Dr. Hamilton not only treated him but also consulted him for his nosebleeds. He suggested to frequently check-up in the office to avoid an emergency situation. This way Dr. Hamilton could make sure that no problem arises in the future for David.

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