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Dr. Jason Hamilton Septal Perforation Specialist
Dr. Jason S. Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton offers video/ virtual consultations, phone consultations, and in-office evaluations, allowing patients globally to receive guidance and treatment for there septal perforation from the comfort of their homes. Virtual consultations only require a cellphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Virtual consultations are of a particular benefit for those who are out-of-town and need immediate guidance but are unable to travel for their initial evaluation. Early evaluation is essential because the correct advice can save you a lot of stress and anxiety and inform you of the best way to care for your perforation while you are awaiting definitive help. Also, many patients have a fear of reaching out for help with their septal perforation diagnosis because they may feel embarrassed and have been given bad news and no hope from prior consultations. Most of the patients we have treated have been told that surgery was impossible, and there was no help for them. This is not the case. Dr. Hamilton has successfully repaired hundreds of septal perforation that were deemed impossible to correct surgically. The early you receive an evaluation, the less likely you are to suffer serious complications form have a septal perforation. Dr. Hamilton performs in-office consultation and operates primarily out of offices in Los Angeles, California, USA, and Belgrade, Serbia, EU.  The operation is ambulatory outpatient procedures and does not mandate hospitalization. We look forward to speaking with you soon about your septal perforation diagnosis and treatment plan. Please contact us to schedule septal perforation surgery, virtual/ video consultation, or in-office consultation today. 

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